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When you receive your orders

When you receive orders to the PORT ROYAL, please email the enlisted sponsor program manager: Enlisted Sponsor. Officers should contact the Officer Program Manager by clicking the following link: Officer Sponsor Email. PORT ROYAL will arrange for every sailor to have a sponsor. If you have not been contacted by your sponsor and your detachment date is soon, please email the Command Master Chief . The purpose of a sponsor is to make your transition to PORT ROYAL and the Honolulu Area as easy as possible.

Command Sponsor Coordinator: (808) 471-3235 Command Master Chief: (808) 471-9260

When you arrive

Honolulu Airport is the hub of air transportation on the island of Oahu. Please provide your sponsor flight information so you can be met at the baggage claim area. Here are useful links for the airport: Airport Terminal Map

If you arrive at the airport and no one is there to meet you, call the following number:

PORT ROYAL Quarterdeck: (808) 474-9298 If no one responds on the quarterdeck, the ship might be at sea. If the ship is at sea you must report to TPU (Transient Personnel Unit) on Pearl Harbor Naval Station upon arrival.

Naval Station Pearl Harbor Transient Personnel Unit: (808) 471-9581

Check In

To avoid loosing leave days you should report to the USS PORT ROYAL when you arrive on the island of Oahu to avoid losing excess leave days. In addition when you check in you should make sure that you have the following documents:

  1. Service Record
  2. Medical Record
  3. Dental Record

The piers in Pearl Harbor have unmanned security gates. When you arrive,if you don't know your CAC card PIN, proceed to Pass and ID at the Nimitz gate to reset your card. You will need this to get onto our pier .

Temporary Lodging

If you are bringing your family with you, please be aware that you must check into the command or TPU first in order to start your TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) which will help cover your hotel bill. Your Welcome Aboard kit contains information on many TLA approved hotels, but you should check with your sponsor before making reservations. If the ship is at sea, contact the Command Ombudsman for assistance -- she can be reached through the PORT ROYAL CARELINE number listed below. A full explanation of TLA requirements is contained in your Welcome Aboard kit.

Useful number: PORT ROYAL CARELINE: (800) 690-0847

Permanent Housing Government Housing

Families can expect to receive government quarters within 60 to 180 days. To speed up housing assignment you should submit a copy of your orders, along with a completed housing application (DD Form 1746) to the Aloha Center, 988 Spence St., Bldg 2652, Honolulu, HI 96818. Include a copy of your detaching endorsement if you have already checked out of your command.

DOD referral is a website designed especially for assisting military with finding suitable housing. www.dodreferral.com

Other links: Military Family Schools Point of Contact for the above link is Ms. Kathy Wooldridge, Navy Region Hawaii School Liaison / Number: (808) 474-1999 x 6316 She has been a very valuable resource for military families. It is worth your time to contact her. PSD Pearl Harbor

Household Goods

Household goods is difficult to reach by phone in Hawaii. Therefore, be sure to provide an email address. They generally will respond to your questions the same day. Be sure to set aside one work day for the shipment because they only deliver during normal working hours of 9-5 on weekdays.

JPPSO and PPD are both located in the Navy Aloha Center. The address of the Navy Aloha Center is 4825 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818.

Automobile (The information from this section comes courtesy from the HSL-37 Easy Riders website)

Each service member is authorized to ship one privately owned vehicle at government expense. Check with your current Household Goods Officer for information regarding shipping times and locations. Before shipping your vehicle, you must have permission from the lien holder to transport the vehicle to Hawaii. If the vehicle is co-registered, you must also show that person's permission to ship the vehicle. If you are shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) it will require approximately 60 days from the East Coast or 21 days from the West Coast to reach Oahu. All personal vehicles must be safety inspected within 10 days after arrival on the island.

NOTE: The "10 day" rule applies only to vehicles with valid and current registration and license plates. Otherwise, the vehicle must be registered immediately.

To register your car in Hawaii, your are required to have the following documents:

  • Proof of ownership and/or certificate of registration
  • Shipping documents
  • Hawaii no-fault insurance coverage (You must specifically have a Hawaii automobile insurance card. Email and Xerox copies will not be accepted- Ensure you call your insurance agency before you arrive in Hawaii to obtain proof of insurance. )
  • Proof of completed Hawaii safety inspection (vehicle owners whose cars have minor modifications, including mag wheels, must have a reconstruction permit from the Honolulu Police Department and display the reconstruction decal on the vehicle. You can get this done at the MWR Auto Hobby Shot near Makalapa gate.).
  • Valid Military identification card
  • If you are not a Hawaii resident you must obtain the following from our admin department.
  • Non-resident Certificate Form DFL50 (to be signed by the commanding officer verifying your home of record as reflected in your service record).

Once you have all these forms, you may obtain your registration by presenting the documents to any Satellite City Hall (Ala Moana Center, Downtown, Kailua, Kalihi/Kapalama, Kaneohe (Windward Mall), Wahiawa, Waianae, Waipahu) Monday through Friday (7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.).

DOD Decals

To obtain DOD decals, you have to go the decal office right next to the main Nimitz gate. You will need the following documents:

1) Registration 2) Hawaii no fault insurance (mentioned above) 3) Safety Check 4) Driver's License 5) Military ID.

Hawaii no fault insurance is different from insurance in other states, but it should be offered by most nationwide insurance companies.


If you intend on bringing a pet, be advised that Hawaii has strict quarantine laws. Contact your sponsor, or the following numbers:

Division of Animal Industry directly at (808) 483-7100

Quarantine Station : (808) 483-7151 for more information.

Pet Quarantine is a big issue here in Hawaii -- and quarantine can last for up to 120 days -- or it can be zero -- it all depends on how much "legwork" you do with your pet's veterinarian BEFORE you arrive in Hawaii. If you have a pet, please be sure you contact the numbers above and you have a complete understanding of what is involved in transporting a pet to Hawaii -- doing so will save you A LOT of headache later on down the line. If you do not have housing waiting for you, your pets will need to be kenneled once they clear customs at the airport.

MWR runs a very good kennel that is five minutes from the base. Call to make a reservation at (808) 368-3456

Word on the Street

The following information about life in Hawaii is solely the personal opinion.

Places to Live

One of my first concerns about the transfer was which community in Oahu I should look at for housing. Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular areas to live:

Waikiki and Downtown
Advantages: Downtown, convenient
Disadvantages: Price

Kaneohe and East Oahu
Advantages: Easy access to the beach and an easy drive along Highway H3
Disadvantages: Distant geographically from much of life on Oahu

Pearl City, Pearl Ridge, Waipahu, Aiea, Salt Lake (Central Oahu)
Advantages: Economical and close to the base. Close to many shopping centers
Disadvantages: Crowded and not always the best price to living area ratio

Ewa Beach and West Oahu
Advantages: Suburbia living, quiet
Disadvantages: The traffic can be awful on Highway H1.

Mililani (North of Pearl Harbor)
Advantages: Nice, quiet, close to Highway H2.
Disadvantages: More rural and isolated