To Newly Reporting Officers and Your Families.

Welcome to the USS PORT ROYAL, congratulations on your orders to the best homeport in the Navy! We look forward to you joining our wardroom. As a leader in PORT ROYAL, you are a role model to our Sailors: therefore you must take advantage of every training opportunity that your pipeline presents; my expectation is that you will report onboard ready to do your job and complete your required PQS qualifications as efficiently as possible. First and foremost, we need you qualified in Damage Control and 3M. As the Captain of this great crew and ship, I need your support to ensure the safe execution of our mission. Therefore, your professional level of knowledge of Surface Warfare must continue to grow on a daily basis whether a new ENS, a Fleet LT, or experienced DEPT HEAD. The concept of "Forceful Back Up" cannot occur unless we all work to enhance our knowledge and skills everyday. Your training track is the foundation we will build on together; we will train on a daily basis. Study on your own is expected and required for us to be successful!

In USS PORT ROYAL, we execute "Back to Basics" throughout our daily routine. As a leader in PORT ROYAL, you will be out on the deck plates, flash light in hand, in coveralls on a daily basis. I am a 100 percent believer in use and knowledge of references and procedures. Please ensure you read the Command Philosophy prior to your arrival. You must know my "top three" on your arrival: qualified watch standers, use authorized and current procedures, and never bypass or disable safeties.

Additionally, I believe that as leaders we must know and take care of our most valuable asset—our people. Please make sure that you take the time to prepare your family for the rigors of sea duty prior to your arrival. Specifically, powers of attorney, wills, dependent care plans, and family financial management. Your sponsor will get a hold of you prior to your arrival to Hawaii. If for any reason that does not occur or you have unanswered questions (by the way the only dumb question is the one not asked) please contact the XO here or myself here. For spouses with Family or Hawaii questions, please forward your email address and questions to the email addresses above and our spouses will open email contact directly with your spouses. Thanks for supporting our great nation and the Navy! I look forward to your arrival.