Coat of ArmsShield

Dark blue and gold are the traditional Navy colors. Red, white and blue are our national colors. The blue alludes to our world’s oceans. The nine red and white sections combine to symbolize the U.S. Fleet action in the Battle of Lake Erie, during which Commodore Perry commanded nine ships. The Naval sword and musket, crossed to imply strength and cooperation, are combined with the American Eagle to depict defense and devotion to country.


The Carronades are emblematic of the American firepower that was so decisive in the Battle of Lake Erie. The olive branches symbolize peace, achieved and maintained through strength and military preparedness. The trident, red for courage and valor, is a traditional naval symbol that typifies an AEGIS cruiser’s capabilities on the earth’s surface, below the surface of our oceans, and in the air.


Lake Erie’s motto, “Courage, Determination, Peace,” honors the memory of the men who fought the Battle of Lake Erie and Mrs. Margaret Meyer. Courage to fight, Determination to win, with Peace as the ultimate goal.


Our Ship’s Sponsor was Mrs. Margaret Meyer, the late wife of RADM Wayne Meyer, USN (ret), the “Father of AEGIS.”