Supply Department
Supply Department
The supply department, lead by the supply officer is in charge of the all the ship's logistics endeavors. Everything from ordering repair parts to food service is encompassed in the supply departments' duties, which is essential in order for the ship to maintain it's sustained operations underway. The supply department contains the following divisions.
'S-1' Division
 - SKs are the Navy's supply clerks. They see that needed supplies are available, everything from clothing and machine parts to forms and food. SK's have duties as civilian warehouseman, purchasing agents, stock clerks and supervisors, retail sales clerks, store managers, inventory clerks, buyers, parts clerks, bookkeepers, and even forklift operators.
'S-2' Division
Mess Management Specialist
 - MS's operate and manage Navy dining facilities and bachelor enlisted quarters. They are cooks and bakers in Navy dining facilities ashore and afloat, ordering, inspecting, and stowing food. They maintain food service and prearation spaces and equipment, and keep records of transactions and budgets for the food service in living quarters ashore.

'S-3' Division
Ship's Serviceman
 - Both ashore and afloat, SH's manage barbershops, tailor shops, ship's uniform stores, laundries, drycleaning plants, and cobbler shops. They serve as clerks in exchanges, soda fountains, gas stations, warehouses, and commissary stores. Some SHs function as Navy club managers.
 Supply Dept. - Mess stewards  Supply Dept. - making out requisitions  Supply Dept. - receiving supplies Supply Dept. - ship's store