Navigation / Administration Department
Navigation / Administration Department
Navigation/Administrative Department The NAV/ADMIN department is lead by the ship's Navigator. The department is in charge of all of the ship's administrative tasks including award ceremonies, record keeping, and service record entries and modificatons. It encompasses the command master at arms, the ship's quartermasters, hospital corpsman, yeomen, and personnel specialists (all part of NX Division).
'NX' division

Navy Counselor
 - NCs offer vocational guidance on an individual and group basis to Navy personnel aboard ships and at group basis to Navy peronnel aboard ships and at shore facilities, and to civilian personnel considering enlistment in the Navy. They assess the interests, aptitudes, abilities, and personalities of individuals.

Personnel Specialist
 - PNs provide enlisted personnel with information and counseling about Navy jobs, opportunies for general education and training, promotion requuirements, and rights and benefits. In hardship situations, they also assit enlisted persons' families with legal aid or reassignments. PNs keep records up to date, prepare reports, type letters, and maintain files.

 - YNs perform secretarial and clerical work. They greet visitors, answer telephone calls, and recieve incoming mail. YNs organize files and operate duplicating equipment, and they order and distribute supplies. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms, and reports. They maintain files and service records.

 - QMs are responsible for ship safety, skillful navigation, and reliable communications with other vessels and shore stations. In addition, they maintain charts, navigational aids, and records for the ship's log. They steer the ship, take radar bearings and ranges, makedepth soundings and celestial observations, plot courses, and command small craft. QMs stand watches and assist the navigator and officer of the deck (OOD).


Nav / Admin Dept. - navigating from the ship's bridge