Welcome to the USS Shiloh Family!
We know that you will enjoy your tour here in Yokosuka, Japan! Whether you are a single service member, a geographic bachelor, or you will be bringing your family to Japan, the first thing you need to do is complete your overseas screening process. Once that is done, you can get official passports (for family members). You also need to start early to bring your pet here (check http://www.cnic.navy.mil/Yokosuka under the Military Support Tab for details).
Other legal items to consider are obtaining a power of attorney for your spouse and special powers of attorney for family or friends back home who may be taking care of cars or property for you.
A shipboard sponsor will be assigned to the service member, and your sponsor can help answer many of your questions. 

Email us at welcome@cg67.navy.mil to get in contact with your shipboard sponsor. On SHILOH we also have a Family Sponsor Program. Your family sponsor is a member of our Family Readiness Group and you can ask any questions about base services, schools, programs for the kids, what housing is like, what furniture you should bring, etc. 

Our sponsors want to help you make the transition to Japan as easy as possible. Your shipboard or family sponsor can help with Navy Lodge reservations, getting a post office box (if accompanied), arranging airport transportation, and making child care reservations for you, if needed, while you attend the mandatory newcomer’s brief, Area Orientation Brief/Intercultural Relations (AOB/ICR). 

Here in Yokosuka you can find many familiar American fast food places, and we also have several nice clubs and restaurants on base as well. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants, and several shopping malls just outside the gate and within walking distance in the city of Yokosuka. 

On base we have a decent sized Navy Exchange, a commissary, two base theaters, two fitness centers, a 50m indoor pool, and many sports fields. Ask your sponsor about recreational activities available here.
Cable television is available on base, and off-base residents can get some American channels, too.

Internet and telephone services are also available on and off-base. Your sponsor can give you more details. 

If you are bringing your family, you probably have questions about housing here. You can do some research— start at http://www.cnic.navy.mil/Yokosuka -- and ask your sponsor for advice. There are housing towers and townhomes on the main base, and two satellite housing areas are within easy driving distance of the base as well. You may also prefer to live off-base in the local area. Wherever you live, you will want to consider the furniture that you bring to make sure you don’t bring items that are too bulky for housing here, and also so that you don’t leave too many of your household goods in the states and realize you could have brought your favorite sofa. Your sponsor and family sponsor can give you some input so you can make the best decision about housing and household goods. 

Contact us at welcome@cg67.navy.mil with any questions or to obtain a family sponsor. 

We are ready to help you get settled in Japan!