Congratulations on Your Orders to USS CHANCELLORSVILLE!
We look forward to you joining our team and want your transition to be smooth and successful. It is never easy, regardless of whether it is your first set of orders, second, third, etc… and we want to start off on the right foot. Upon receipt of your orders, a Sponsor from your parent department will be assigned. Your Sponsor will attempt to contact you, to inform you of the ship's schedule, transition to the ship and San Diego area and what to expect. Sometimes, because you are in the middle of a move, attending a school, or out of the country, your Sponsor may be unable to contact you. We request that you contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator before you transfer to inform us of your arrival plans.
Sponsor Coordinator's email:
The day you report onboard, you are expected to be in your Service Dress Uniform.  Once onboard, your paperwork will be processed by the Admin office as you walk around with your sponsor completing your check-in. The Command Duty Officer or Command Master-At-Arms will assign you a bunk and provide you with bed linens.
Should the USS CHANCELLORSVILLE be at sea on your report date you are required to report to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) San Diego located on the dry side of the Naval Base. If you have further questions and/or comments, feel free to email the Command Master Chief.
Command Master Chief's email:
The Fleet and Family Support Center prepares an excellent Welcome Aboard package for all new arrivals. Please take a moment to check out the Electronic Welcome Aboard Package to assist you and your family in preparations for your move to San Diego.
Directions to Naval Base 32nd St. San Diego From San Diego International Airport
Take the I-5 South towards San Diego.
Exit at 28th St. towards Harbor Drive.
Turn Left on Harbor Drive.
Drive straight until you reach the Main Gate.
From I-15 Fwy going South
Take the I-15 South towards San Diego.
Take the I-5 / Main Street exit towards Harbor Drive. Take the exit on the left towards Harbor Drive.
Merge onto 32nd Street towards the Main Gate.
From I-5 going North
Take the I-5 North towards Los Angeles.
Exit at 28th St. towards Harbor Drive.
Turn left on Harbor Drive.
Drive straight until you reach the Main Gate.

You can contact the quarterdeck while the ship is inport San Diego at (619) 556-4422.