USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN CG 57               
                                                                             COMMAND PHILOSOPHY

1. Mission Statement
To meet every obligation safely, on time, and with success, using fully
every design capability.

2. Goals:
Operate effectively and safely. “OPERATE FORWARD”
To perform critical self assessments of personnel, equipment and spaces.
To maintain the highest standard and state of readiness. “WARFIGHTING FIRST”
To maintain the highest training standards and training readiness. “BE READY”
To properly plan and prioritize in every facet of shipboard life.
To have fun while doing our jobs.
Ship, Shipmate, Self.

3. Personal Standards:
We will require space cleanliness standards to be maintained,
equipment operations to be monitored and kept within design specifications, personal/watch
qualifications to be up to date and looking ahead, retention and advancement rates high
through preparation and hard work, and the following terms as the bedrock for how Lake
Champlain does business (integrity, competence, pride of ownership, initiative, tenacious
follow-up, lead by example, responsibility, honesty and respect for others).

4. Expectations:
a. We will all ensure that the Commanding Officer be kept informed iaw with the Standing
Orders, the Battle Orders and the Ship’s Organization and Regulations Manual (SORM).
b. We will require that the ideal of “fix it NOW” be followed no matter how small the
degradation. Self Sufficiency is key to success both in homeport and overseas!
c. We will require that all jobs be “done right the first time” and done iaw prescribed
documentation. Both ship’s force as well as contractor work!
d. We will require that all personnel work hard and take satisfaction in job accomplishment
(everyone has an important job in the big picture, do it well).
e. We will require that all personnel in leadership/management positions follow the age old
adage “you get what you inspect, not what you expect.” Set our standards high, both
personally as well as professionally.

5. Quality of Life (QOL):
Important to us all, QOL can be attained by working harder and
Smarter, vice longer. It is a direct reflection of the goals laid out in section two and personal
standards in section three. Success and goal accomplishment directly attribute to a higher
quality work environment; this in turn leads to a happier Quality of Life, both at work and at

Christopher K. Barnes
Commanding Officer