Welcome to CCSG FIVE / CTF 70 and Congratulations

Welcome aboard!  You are joining an elite team – the U.S. Navy’s only forward deployed Carrier Strike Group permanently embarked onboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73). As Commander, Battle Force SEVENTH Fleet and Commander, Task Force Seven Zero; COMCARSTRKGRU FIVE is involved in high OPTEMPO operations and exercises.  Your assignment to this team of elite professionals will be both rewarding and challenging. 

 Obtaining a Sponsor

 To better support your transfer and ease your transition to Japan and the staff, please contact our Command Sponsor Coordinator as soon as possible via email at sponsor@ctf70.navy.mil or Telephone, commercial (808) 653-5895 or DSN (315) 453-5895.  To send an email requesting a sponsor, you can click on the, “Obtain a Sponsor” link above.  To assist us in assigning you a sponsor that best fits all your needs, please provide the below information in your email. 

  • Current Unit or Command:
  • Contact information (Work number, Cell number):
  • Leave contact information:
  • Leave address:
  • Email address:
  • Married or Single:
  • If Married, coming accompanied or unaccompanied:
  • Number of Dependents (Please provide age of children):
  • Detachment date from current Command:
  • Expected arrival Date:
  • Flight information, if you have (Flight number, airline, arrival date/time):  

Prior to Departing for Japan 

Arriving at Narita International Airport 

Arriving at Narita International Airport can be confusing; the following provides instructions of where you will need to go to catch the military bus to Yokosuka Naval base and the times of departure.  You should have already scheduled seats prior to departing for Japan. 

  • The bus departs Narita International Airport for Yokosuka Naval Base at 1530, 1730, and 1930. The Shuttle Bus counter is the DoD Liaison Counter located in the North wing of Terminal 1. If arriving from Terminal 2, catch a free shuttle bus from bus stop 8 or 18 which runs every 15 -20 minutes.  At Terminal 1, get off at the Arrival Area on the street level. Enter the terminal, turn right, and the DOD Liaison counter will be located just pass the N2 exit.  

Arriving in Yokosuka 

Again, your Sponsor will meet you at Yokosuka Naval Base PSD, where the Narita Bus drops off passengers.  Here is a link to a Map of the base. If your sponsor is not around during your arrival at PSD, ask the CFAY Bus Liaison to contact the CTF 70 Battle Watch Captain at 243-7843. 

For more information about Yokosuka and other moving details such as schools, driving, etc., visit the Family page.