Labor Reducing SPY-1 Heat Exchanger Modification Available to the Fleet

By FCC(SW) Anthony A. Belbeck, Cruiser Class Squadron

SAN DIEGO - Every SPY-1 Naval radar technician dreads the day that the daily cooling skid PMS check, 4560/502 D-1, shows a pressure difference between gauges M11 and M12 greater than 10 psi for copper-nickel and 20 psi for titanium heat exchangers. For those technicians it means planning for the opportune time (typically next port-of-call or homeport), and a week of 12-hour days focused on “rodding out” or cleaning the skid heat exchangers. For Combat Information Center watchstanders, that means the loss of the primary air and surface search radar for the same period.

Now there is an approved time and labor-saving alternative. Ship Change Document (SCD) 5920 was approved in August 2008 for the optional installation of A-Style Bonnets on all Aegis ships as an Alteration Equivalent to Repair (AER) type alteration. A-Style Bonnets have been used for more than 50 years on seawater heat exchangers and are used extensively on commercial/merchant ships, power plants, and chemical/industrial installations. Cruisers going through cruiser modernization (CGMOD) will be retro-fitted with A Style Bonnets. USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) was the first to go through the modernization and recently received the alteration. USS Mobile Bay (CG 53) and USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) are also scheduled to receive the alteration.

Kits can be directly procured from the vendor: ITT Standard (no kit NSN yet available). The ITT Standard part number for A-Style Bonnets, "Channel Backfit Kit” is
• DDG 51-112 and CG 65-73 (Titanium Tube Bundle): 5-199-13-003-003
• DDG 51-79 and CG 65-73 (Cu- Ni Tube Bundle): 5-199-13-003-004
• CG 52-64 (Cu- Ni Tube Bundle only): 5-199-12-001-003

ITT Standard’s point of contact is Mike Romance, ITT Standard, Navy & Commercial Marine Markets, 175 Standard Parkway, Cheektowaga, NY 14227, Phone 716-862-4173, Fax 716-897-1777, e-mail:

OA 75920 Final ORDALT Instruction was formally issued in Oct 2008. It is not a program-sponsored alteration and is meant to be an optional buy for ship’s maintenance teams as a labor reducing initiative for Sailors. Ships will have to obtain funding from their Port Engineer for kits.

Using A-Style Bonnets resolves two major issues on seawater heat exchangers:
• Greatly reduces Sailors’ maintenance hours by 90% to clean heat exchangers (from 80-100 manhours over a 4-5 day period, to only 8-10 manhours, in only a 2-4 hour period.)
• Greatly reduces or eliminates shut-down period of Combat System Equipment to clean heat exchangers.

But the alteration is costly. The cost for one kit is $30-39,000, which will convert one heat exchanger (there are two heat exchangers per SPY cooling skid). It is recommended that cruisers purchase at least two kits and outfit one heat exchanger on each cooling skid and destroyers purchase at least one kit to outfit one heat exchanger on their single cooling skid. If funding only allows the purchase of one kit per cooling skid, the converted heat exchanger on each skid should be considered the primary unit and should be the only unit operated in port. This provides the greatest benefit as in port time is where the greatest fouling can occur.

Additional information can also be obtained from the following points of contact:
• Martin Walsh, PHD-NSWC, Code A67, NAVSEA, Port Hueneme, CA,, 805-228-5398
•FCC(SW) Anthony A. Belbeck, COMCGRON, N65, San Diego, CA,, 619-556-6675