Jarrett Spearheads DESRON ONE’s Bone Marrow Drive

By LT Steve Ansuini, USS Jarrett (FFG 33)

SAN DIEGO – USS Jarrett (FFG 33) proudly hosted the Destroyer Squadron One (DESRON ONE) Bone Marrow Drive on May 6 to assist in the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), a program designed to search for potential donors for bone marrow transplants, at Naval Base San Diego.

More than 70 Sailors from DESRON ONE responded to the call and are now potential donors. Through a simple cheek swab –no blood or needles involved– these Sailors are now in the national registry.

“If I’m a match for someone I could save their life just because I swabbed my cheek,” said Sonar Technician Second Class (SW) Brandon Dempster. Lt. j. g. Joseph Abrutz, Damage Control Assistant, said, “This is a good opportunity for Jarrett Sailors to help others.”

Our Sailors joined millions of other potential donors in the national registry who stand by for a potential match. The donor is contacted whenever a match is found. The donation process is simple and conducted by one of two methods: surgical procedure or Peripheral Blood Cell (PBSC) extraction. The surgical procedure withdraws liquid marrow directly from the back of the pelvic bones. The donor, under general anesthesia, will not feel any discomfort; however, most experience some lower back pain for a few days afterwards. The PBSC procedure entails the removal of blood from one arm, filtration of the needed cells, and the return of the filtered blood into the other arm. This less intrusive process makes PBSC the most comfortable and preferred method of donation.

The mission of the NMDP is to help people who need a life-saving marrow or blood cell transplant by connecting patients, doctors, donors, and researchers to the resources needed to help people live longer and healthier lives. This program could benefit more than 10,000 children and adults with life-threatening diseases this year alone; and the Jarrett stands proudly with these selfless volunteers.

Hospital Corpsman Chief (SW/FMF) Stephen Royall says, “Thank you to the Jarrett Warriors out there that participated in the Bone Marrow drive. We collected 73 samples to send to the Bill Young Foundation.”

More information on the NMDP can be found at: www.marrow.org