Naval Surface Forces Pacific Announce Nominations for Aviation Awards

By Surface Forces Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO – Naval Surface Forces Pacific (SURFPAC) announced the 2008 nominations for the Admiral Flatley Memorial Award and Annual Ship-Helicopter Safety Award Feb 3.

Nominations were submitted to Commander, Naval Safety Center (COMNAVSAFECEN) where they will decide the winners for the Admiral Flatley Memorial Award and forward a recommendation for the Annual Ship Helicopter Safety Award to Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) to select and announce a winner.

The Admiral Flatley Memorial Award is awarded to an amphibious assault ship judged on Class A and B mishaps, number of days deployed, fixed wing hours, helicopter hours (day/night), fixed wing landings, helicopter landing hours (day/night), assessment of ship’s safety program, inspections, currency of safety surveys, and contributions to safety such as recommendations for improvement to equipment and operating procedures.

SURPAC’s nominations for the Admiral Flatley Award are USS Tarawa (LHA 1), USS Essex (LHD 2), and USS Boxer (LHD 4).

The Annual Ship-Helicopter Safety Award is broken into three different categories in which ships are judged. The categories are Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS), Combat Logistics Force and Amphibious Landing Platform Dock (LPD)/ Landing Ship Dock (LSD). They are graded on their safety record versus flight activity, contributions to ship’s safety program, changes to operational procedures, upgrades to ships facilities, helicopter safety articles, safety initiatives, and ClassA/Class B mishaps.

SURPAC’s nominations for the Annual Ship-Helicopter Safety Award under the LAMPS category are USS Chancellorsville (CG 62), USS Halsey (DDG 97) and USS Thach (FFG 43). Under the LPD/LSD category are USS Denver (LPD 9) and USS Cleveland (LPD 7).

Lt. Col. John Poehler, Deputy of Fleet Aviation for SURFPAC said, “I think we submitted the winners. They are incredibly capable ships and they did very well on their deployments.”