SURFOR Launches Command Readiness Assist Visit
Provided by Naval Surface Forces Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO (NNS) – Naval Surface Forces recently announced the implementation of the Command Readiness Assist Visit (CRAV). In an effort to continue improving warfighting readiness and maintain VADM Curtis’ emphasis on “Back to Basics”, the CRAV will help ships and ISIC’s review critical programs, many that don’t often get ‘outside the lifelines’ attention.

The CRAV will provide support in critical areas of concern, including 3M, Zone Inspections, Enlisted Distribution Verification Report management, Navigation and “best practices.” The program is designed to spotcheck readiness and provide ships with the tools needed to improve self-assessment.

“Early self-assessment gives ISICs better awareness on the type and level of support needed to improve their ships,” said Vice Adm. D.C. Curtis, Commander, Naval Surface Forces and Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. “The more ISICs know about the issues, the earlier and faster they can ask for assistance and work to improve.”

Other issues that the CRAV team will review include Sailor and family support programs such as: drug and alcohol awareness, domestic violence prevention, suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention and awareness, anger and stress management and single Sailor engagement activities.

“Implementation of the CRAV supports the Surface Force’s highest priority - increasing warfighting readiness,” Curtis said. “We need the complete support from all levels of the chain-of-command to make the CRAV an effective and useful tool.”