LCDR Patrick Sullivan

As a Command we will strive daily to provide the Navy with a warship ready for tasking. In undertaking this endeavor I will need the very best of every Sailor onboard. Only as a unified team will AVENGER excel at all challenges. While much contributes to the success of any organization there are some fundamental principles that I believe are paramount in carrying out the mission of a US Navy warship.

MISSION: AVENGER will always be ready to answer the Nation’s call. Regardless of tasking, AVENGER will be prepared, on station, and ready to answer all bells. As a forward deployed unit we are in position to respond immediately and as a team we will strive daily to ensure we are prepared to do so.

PEOPLE: There is no greater asset to the Navy than the Sailor. I expect all hands to treat each other with mutual professionalism and respect. All Sailors deserve a work environment where all hands feel comfortable and respected. I will not tolerate anything less than 100% dedication to taking care of all of our shipmates.

STANDARDS: I will hold all of you to the highest standards. In carrying out our work we will follow establish guidelines, references, and procedures to ensure that our people and equipment are ready to execute. Deviations from these time proven guidelines put our Sailor’s safety and our equipment in jeopardy.

INTEGRITY: We have all taken oaths to live our lives with Honor, Courage and Commitment. Trust is the cornerstone of this ethos. All hands will conduct themselves with unparalleled integrity, on and off duty. Mistakes will occur, errors will be made; I expect all hands to be honest and forthright in the performance of their duties.

FAMILY: Whether married or single we all have families. It is imperative that all hands devote time and attention to their families both in port and when deployed. Your profession places many demands on you and your loved ones. When your time in the Navy is over your family will be there to support you. I will ensure that the command provides the organizations required to fully involve your families and support them.

EMPOWERMENT: You are all empowered to excel to your highest potential. You can never be too qualified or too experienced. Sustained superior performance is the benchmark. It is not rank dependent. All hands will be afforded every opportunity to achieve their goals without exception.

I am honored and humbled to have the privilege to lead each of you. As a team we will face all challenges and excel. Take care of each other, take care of your families, and give 100% to your profession. I am personally invested in and dedicated to each Sailor in our command. Together we will continue to demonstrate that AVENGER is #1 for a reason!!