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Family Readiness Group

Family Readiness Group (FRG)

The FRG provides its members with information and emotional support. The FRG plans, coordinates, and conducts social, informational, care-taking, and morale building activities to enhance family readiness and enable its members to meet mission and military family lifestyle challenges. The FRG is not just family members working together, it is also Sailors and the chain of command working together. We recognize that your needs are important. You can share or simply listen during meetings. We share news from our military men and women. We will listen to you with care and respect.

What is the Purpose of the FRG

The purpose of the FRG is to promote and create a friendly and social relationship among its members, to fundraise for group oriented activities, and to serve as best permitted by the crew, family, and friends of TACRON Two Two.

Why Participate in the FRG

Through involvement of families within the FRG, sailors are reassured that although they are serarated from their spouse, parents, children, extended family and friends, their concerns for those they leave behind are taken care of.

We have a variety of events, ranging from group meetings and guest speakers to social celebrations and gatherings for adults and/or children.

The Family Readiness Group is a “year-round” group - we meet whether crews are at home or at sea.

Email our FRG

Email:  Family Readiness Group