Welcome Aboard

CONGRATULATIONS on receiving orders to the Nations' Protector - the finest amphibious ship in the United States Navy.  The Chain of Command stands by to assist and welcome you, and to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you are flying in, call the ship's quarterdeck at 757-462-7110 upon arrival and we'll have someone pick you up. If our ship is NOT in port, check in with the USO/Military Liaison Counter at the Norfolk International Airport and they can provide you with transportation information to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU).   TPU is located at 1683 Gilbert Street, Bldg J-50 (Nimitz Hall), Naval Station Norfolk. TPU's telephone numbers are 757-445-9201 or 757-444-9290. 

Other useful links are as follows:

  • Fleet and Family Service Center at "One stop shopping" center in Norfolk and Little Creek for all your transition/ relocation/ financial training and many other needs. Their 24 hour number is 444-NAVY or toll free at 1-800-FSC-LINE. The telephone number for the center located at NAB Little Creek is 462-7563.
  • Relocation Assistance at
  • SITES (Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service)  provides official information on PCS moves to/from major installations.
  • The user-friendly program is accessible 24/7 and is designed to help active duty personnel and their families plan and arrange household goods moves online, anytime.
  • (NEX Military Moving Center) is the fast and free, easy on-line way for military members and their families to connect their essential services for their new home. This will allow one to do it all, even before arrival at PCS destination as soon as the new address is established.
  •  The goal of the Navy Fitness Program is to create "Fitness for Life" for the entire Navy population.

OAK HILL is home ported at Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia. For more information visit the Norfolk Naval Base homepage.