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Arlington FRG

Ship's Crest A Family Readiness Group (FRG) is a private organization that typically includes spouses, but may also include parents, grandparents, children and fiancé(s).

The purpose of a FRG is to plan and conduct social, informational, care taking, and morale building activities that will increase family readiness and enable the total Navy family to meet the challenges of the mission and military lifestyle.

As Navy families, we are truly blessed to have such strong support teams when our Sailors are home and away.

Contact the Arlington FRG.

Or find us on Facebook:

To join the Arlington FRG Facebook page, please email your personal contact information, in addition to your service member's name and ship email address to the Arlington FRG. This information is required before joining and must be verified.  We do not accept Facebook or email requests that do not include the sponsor's information.

You may also have your service member email us your information directly from their ship e-mail account for verification.


Warmest Regards,

The Arlington FRG Board