Welcome Aboard 


      Welcome aboard and congratulations on your assignment to USS NEW YORK (LPD 21) – the finest ship in the Fleet!  Only the very best Sailors are assigned to this frontline warship and you should be proud to be among them. 

     NEW YORK is the fifth LPD 17 class ship and the seventh U.S. Navy ship to bear the name NEW YORK.  She is the most technologically advanced amphibious warship ever constructed.  Although NEW YORK is a technological marvel, our greatest asset remains our crew.  Each and every Sailor and Marine plays a critical role on this ship.  We all will be counting on your professional performance, leadership, and impeccable conduct to continue to keep NEW YORK the amazing ship she is. 

     The “Welcome Aboard” section of our website ( provides a wealth of detailed information about your initial reporting procedures, local commands that can assist in your move, and information about our homeport communities.  Though answers to many of your questions may be found here, I strongly encourage you to contact your sponsor, our sponsor coordinator can be reached by email at (COMANDSPONSOR@LPD21.NAVY.MIL).

     Please contact your sponsor as soon as possible and provide your contact information and travel information so that we can prepare for and assist you with your arrival.  I look forward to meeting and working with you.  Again, congratulations on your assignment to NEW YORK! 



Captain, U. S. Navy

Commanding Officer

                                                                                       Strength Forged Through  Sacrifice...


New Check-in

You may contact the quaterdeck at 904- 270-6292 when inport or 757-443-8835 when underway.

New Ceck-ins will need to contact their Ship's Sponsor for answers to any questions they may have. If their Ship's Sponsor is unavailable they may contact the Command Duty Officer and the numbers above.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for USS New Yorks Service Member's is:

Service Member's Name and Rank
USS New York (LPD 21)
FPO, AA 34092-1721                                                       


The Uniform of the Day is currently as follows:

Naval Working Uniform (NWUs) for E7 and above 
Naval Working Uniform (NWUs) for E6 and below

Note: All hands will need to have shipboard-approved safety boots.

In addition, all hands must conform with U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, NAVPERS 156651



Medical treatment for most situations will be treated onboard the USS New York. Special needs will be treated at the nearest Medical Hospital.

Life Onboard

A few things to keep in mind when moving aboard the USS New York. You will be assigned a rack, a stand up locker (H 34", W 9", D 22"), a drawer (H 8", W 20", D 27"), and a cubby (H 6", W 10", D 27").  New York has the new "Sit Up"  racks, these three-tiered bunks allow an occupant up to 6' 6" tall to sleep horizontally or to sit up vertically to read or use a portable writing surface.

We have 2 weight lifting gyms, 2 dedicated cardio gyms, and cardio equipment scattered through out the ship. The New York has a conviently located "central mall" complex that offers a barbershop, ship's store, post-office, vending machines, and other amenities. The ship also has a learning resource center, chapel and library. The ship has alot to keep you occupied and entertained.

Feel free to review the Commanding Officer's "Standard of Living" instruction:                                                                                                                




Congratulations on your assignment to the USS New York (LPD 21)! We take pleasure in welcoming you as a valuable member of our crew. We are looking forward to your arrival. The Command Sponsor Program is one of the most important quality of life programs for our Sailors and their family members.

We are sure you are excited about your upcoming move and must have many questions and concerns about the Command and the area. The more you know about your new duty station, the better prepared you will be.

Once you have orders, please contact us using the email address below. We are available to answer amy immediate questions you may have and provide contact information about your sponsor.

Sponsors are carefully assigned to make your transition as seemless as possible. Your sponsor will provide you with imformation about living in Norfolk, VA and living aboard the ship. Your sponsor will meet you at the airport upon your arrival, provide transportation, show you all the facilities on base, and will be available to help you during the check-in process. In order for your sponsor to provide the assitance required, provide your flight information as soon as possible. Keep in contact with your sponsor and notify him/her of any changes on your arrival date or time.

For further details and answers to specific questions or concerns, contact ( for a sponsor to be assigned to assist you. In addition, please visit the Norfolk Fleet and Family Support Canter Website at: or you may call them at 757-444-2102 to learn more about life in Norfolk.

You will soon become an integral member of the crew on the newest class of warship in the United States Navy. We are eager to assist you in attaining your professional and personal goals.  Your development and success as a naval professional are of the utmost importance to us.

Again, Welcome aboard shipmate! We look forward to meeting you.