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 Welcome Aboard USS San Antonio (LPD 17)


Congratulations on your orders to the USS SAN ANTONIO (LPD 17). It gives me great pleasure to welcome you aboard our elite war fighting team of Naval Officers, Chiefs, Sailors and Marines.

Named for the city of San Antonio, USS SAN ANTONIO (LPD 17) incorporates advanced performance and war fighting technologies that enhance the fleet's operational flexibility and ability to support emerging needs of the nation. We are the Nation's 911 team. USS SAN ANTONIO is at the forefront of the modern amphibious navy. Our capabilities allow us to put Marines ashore, provide Humanitarian Aid, or act as a staining base to sustain Maritime Security Operations.

If you have not been contacted by your sponsor, please e-mail to have one assigned. Your sponsor can assist you with any special arrangements, if needed. Communication with your sponsor is essential. It allows us to better support your needs and provide assistance when possible.

I look forward to your arrival in the coming months. I am confident you will find your tour aboard USS SAN ANTONIO to be the most professional and personal reward of your career.

                                              "Never Retreat, Never Surrender."