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The Wasp Ombudsmen's contact information:

Mrs. Erin Laird: (757) 636-5341
Mrs. Leigh-Ann Williamson: (757) 636-5344

If you have an emergency and cannot reach the Ship or the Ombudsman, please call the American Red Cross at (757) 446-7700.

An OMBUDSMAN is a spouse or other family member of a Wasp crewmember who has volunteered time and effort to guiding other families through various problems that may arise from time to time. The ombudsmen will not solve the problem for you, but they will try to point you in the right direction to help you solve the problem on your own. The roles and functions of command family ombudsmen are varied:

  • Serve as the primary link/liaison between Wasp families and the command. Serve as a communicator of information between the command and command families.
  • Communicate regularly with Wasp families. This includes the Wasp family gram 'Stinger Scoop,' and the Wasp Care line and message service which allows you to leave messages for the ombudsmen.
  • Provide information and outreach to command family members. Interact and cooperate with organizations and military offices such as family service centers, chaplain's office, medical treatment facilities, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, American Red Cross, and legal assistance offices. These organizations are valuable resources in obtaining assistance for command family members.
  • Refer individuals in need of professional assistance to appropriate resources. Ombudsmen may provide support to individuals and refer them for counseling. Ombudsmen cannot provide counseling themselves.
  • Act as an advocate for command family members. Ombudsmen, by using their knowledge of the system, can help access the appropriate level of chain of command for intervention and for the forwarding of appropriate requests or grievances, while exercising confidentiality.

Ombudsmen's responsibilities do not include social duties - these roles are filled by the family readiness group.