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Arlington, Virginia
In 1791, President George Washington commissioned architect Charles L’Enfant and geographer Andrew Ellicott to define the boundaries of Washington, D.C., assisted by Benjamin Banneker, a scientist and surveyor. At the time, federal construction on the Virginia side of the Potomac was prohibited.

This area was known as Alexandria City and Alexandria County until 1920, when the county portion was renamed Arlington County. It became Arlington, VA, the smallest self-governing county in the Continental United States. It is home to the Pentagon and its 26 square miles are dotted with memorials honoring our nation’s heroes including the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, U.S. Air Force Memorial, and the Women in the Military Memorial. More than 300,000 brave men and women from all of our nation’s wars are also buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

USS Arlington (LPD 24) is named for the county of Arlington and honors the first responders and the 184 victims who died when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001.


Arlington, VA