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Q1: What is the mission of the base?
A: The Commander, Naval Activities (COMNAVACT) Spain is headquartered in Rota and serves as the area coordinator for all U.S. Naval Activities ashore in Spain and Portugal. COMNAVACT Spain also serves as the commanding officer of Naval Station Rota. The commander reports directly to Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia, located in Naples, Italy. Naval Station Rota and its more than 35 tenant commands comprise approximately 3,000 Americans within a 25-mile area. Of those, nearly 1,300 are active duty representing all services; 1,700 are family members and 400 are U.S. civilian employees. There is a projected increase of approximately 1,200 Sailors and 1,600 dependents in the coming years due to four Aegis-capable destroyers homeporting in Rota. Additionally, there are some 300 U.S. military retirees in the area. The U.S. Navy is responsible for maintaining the station’s infrastructure, including a 670-acre airfield, three active piers, 400 facilities and approximately 375 family housing units. Naval Station Rota provides support for U.S. and NATO ships, supports the safe and efficient movement of U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force flights and passengers, and provides cargo, fuel and ammunition to units in the region. NAVSTA Rota is the only base in the European theater capable of supporting Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) post-deployment wash-downs. The base port also offers secure, pier-side maintenance and backload facilities. Naval Station Rota also supports ARG turnovers and hosts Sailors and Marines from visiting afloat units.

What amenities will be provided for families/bachelors living on base?

A: Accompanied housing: All on-base homes have central heat and air conditioning, range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer and fenced yards. The electrical system aboard the Naval Station, including on-base housing, is 110-volts/60 cycle. Telephone and Internet service is available. While the homes do provide some storage, it is limited. Unaccompanied housing: Each module is comprised of two separate bedrooms, each approximately 120 sq. ft., separated by a shared bath and kitchen area. They are equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, stackable washer and dryer and two-burner cook top.

Are there American food chain restaurants on base?

A: Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, Subway, KFC/Taco Bell, all of which provide products similar to the establishments in the States, but in an alternate environment.

Are there maps of the base available?

A: Yes. Hard copy maps of the base are available upon arrival to NAVSTA Rota.

What access is required to enter the commissary?

A: Access to the commissary requires a person to be a member of the force assigned to Rota. Assigned members of the force who desire visiting guest to enter the commissary must obtain a pink pass from the base security department with an accompanied assigned forces member and passport. In addition, commissary management can request to see the TEI card that is only give to assigned members of the force at Rota.

How is access on the base controlled?

A: Gates are maintained by Spanish marine security and require use of special identification and a vehicle pass to enter and exit.

What is the age limit for dependant Military CAC Card in order to get on and off base?

A: All dependents over age 10 will be issued a Spanish I.D. card.

Is it safe for my kids to play outside on base without my supervision?

A: The current COMNAVACTSPAIN Instruction 1754.3A contains the guidance on supervision of dependants and minors of various ages.

Is there an American Embassy near base?

A: The closest Embassy is Madrid; closest Consulate is Sevilla.

Is my child a U.S. citizen if they are born on base?

A: Yes, upon applying for a Counselor’s Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA). This can be applied for at PSD with the passport agent.

What kind of special vaccinations do we need, if any at all to come onto base?

A: For you and your family’s health protection, certain immunizations are required. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hep (A &B), Haemophilus type B, and Varicella/Chicken Pox. These are to be received at your command prior to detachment as part of your overseas screening process. Please speak with your overseas screening coordinator to ensure you have all the vaccinations necessary prior to arriving in Spain.

We are a dual-income family now, is that an option in Rota?

A: In general, opportunities for family member employment on the Naval Station are limited. Most available jobs are clerical or sales related. However, opportunities do arise according to the needs of the various commands. The Navy Exchange and the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department have separate non-appropriated fund (NAF) personnel offices and administer their own hiring programs. MWR Employment opportunities are also listed on the Naval Station Rota MWR website at Navy Exchange employment opportunities can be found at Other employers of family members are Navy Federal Credit Union and Navy College. Also, David Glasgow Farragut Schools hire substitute teachers and educational aides.

I run a home-based business, can I continue doing so? If so, what paperwork do I need to operate in Rota?

A: In accordance COMNAVACTSPAININST 1740.1J, individuals interested in establishing a home-based business aboard Naval Station Rota must apply for a home-based business license through the Region Legal Service Office (RLSO). The application must be submitted to RLSO prior to conducting any business aboard NAVSTA Rota or operating a business from government assigned quarters.

How will I get my mail when my sponsor is out to sea?

A: Families will have mailboxes assigned to them so they can receive mail regardless of whether the ship is in-port or at sea.

What’s the time difference?

A: GMT +2

Does Rota recognize day lights saving time?

A: Yes.

Is there a gym located on base? If yes, what kind of equipment does it have?

A: The Fitness Center has workout options including: free weights, new Nautilus equipment, a cardiovascular room, basketball court, three racquetball courts, lockers, sauna and Jacuzzi. Outside of the fitness center enjoy a 400-meter all-weather track with a multipurpose sports field within, softball fields and tennis courts. A wide variety of fitness classes and programs are offered. A variety of sports and exercise equipment is available for check out. Trainers help develop fitness goals and provide periodic progress evaluations.

What recreational activities can you do on base?

A: Aquatics Center, Child Development Center, Gravity Teen Center, Expeditions MWR Traveler, Fitness Center, Fleet Recreation, Golf, The Housing Pool, La Plaza, Liberty, The Library, Navy Outdoor Recreation, Pinz Bowling Center, Pizza Villa, School Age Care, Sports, The Gateway Auditorium, and Youth Sports.

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