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Aegis Ashore Romania

About Us

Bine ati venit la Sistemului de Aparare impotriva Rachetelor Balistice al Statelor Unite in Romania!*

In 2015, the United States will install an Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System in Romania. This capability will use Aegis BMD 5.0 CU and SM-3 Block 1B to provide ballistic missile coverage of Southern Europe, and will be operated by an integrated team of uniformed military, government civilians, and contractor personnel.

You are a good fit for this duty if you:

  • Are interested in living overseas
  • Enjoy a set deployment cycle
  • Want to refine your BMD expertise
  • Can work independently
  • Thrive in a small team environment
  • Can cross-train outside your rate
  • Want to be on the leading edge of missile defense operations

Aegis Ashore will be established in a US facility on a Romanian base in Southern Romania. The site is approximately 3.5 hrs from the capital of Bucharest (pop. 2 million), and 5 hrs from the Black Sea port of Constanta. Nearby towns include Caracal (pop. 34k, 9km) and Slatina (pop. 70k, 50km). A NATO member since 2004, Romania joined the European Union in 2007; it has the 7th largest population in the EU. Geographically, Romania is noted for the Carpathian mountains, the Transylvanian area, the Danube river, and the Black Sea coast.

For more information please review our command brochure.


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Aegis Ashore Romania

Command Crest

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SHIELD: Tierced in pale: Azure a fouled anchor Or, Or a billet Argent fimbriated Vert, and Gules a sheaf of wheat of the second; enté en point embowed Vert a compass rose Argent.

CREST: Perched upon a tower battlement tierced in pale Azure, Or, Gules, each part per pale surmounted with a caltrap Argent, an American bald eagle facing sinister and holding in his left claw a three-pronged trident Or, in his beak a U.S. Navy commission pennant Proper; all upon a torse of the colors (Or and Azure).

MOTTO: On a scroll Or, doubled Azure, the words “APĂRĂM ALIANŢA” (We Defend the Alliance) in letters Azure.


The coat of arms in full color as in the blazon, all upon a white background and enclosed within a dark blue border with straight sides arched at the top and bottom, edged on the outside with a gold rope and bearing the name “U.S. AEGIS ASHORE MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM” at top and “ROMANIA” in base all in gold.


SHIELD: Blue, yellow and red are the colors of the Romanian flag and represent the host nation of the U.S. Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System. The gold fouled anchor on a blue background represents the U.S. Navy and the Sailors who will operate the Aegis Ashore system. The narrow white stripe acknowledges the history of the Romanian air base at Deveselu and as the numeral one, it signifies this being the first Aegis Ashore site in Europe. The sheaf of wheat is borrowed from the coat of arms of Olt county, where Deveselu is located; it denotes the coordination between the United States and Romania, whose partnership seeks an abundant harvest of peace. The prominent green field symbolizes the ashore aspect of this Navy system, and the four-pointed NATO pole star emphasizes the mission of Aegis Ashore to conduct ballistic missile defense of allies and partners in the European region.

CREST: The eagle, a traditional symbol of power and vigilance, also represents the United States as principal contributor of the ballistic missile defense capability, supported by Romania as the host nation for the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System. The commission pennant denotes the Aegis heritage evolved from U.S. Navy warships. The eagle’s wings displayed signify defense, the clutched trident represents sea power, as the Aegis weapon system, initially developed for battlegroup defense at sea, is now poised from land to search for, track and intercept ballistic missiles. The tower battlement bears the colors of the Romanian flag, celebrating the alliance relationship with a fellow NATO member. The three crenels of the battlement each host a caltrap, symbolizing three missile launchers and the version of the Standard Missile interceptor (SM-3) used in the weapon system.

MOTTO: Apărăm Alianţa: a Romanian phrase meaning “we defend the alliance.” Defense of the Alliance as a motto parallels the US Army 49th Missile Defense Battalion motto, “DEFENSIMUS PATRIAM,” which means “defending the homeland.” Aegis Ashore’s ballistic missile defense capability is linked to the Army’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense in purpose and methodology. The linkage in motto further invokes the assigned mission of Aegis Ashore to defend European allies from the threat of ballistic missiles. Additionally, the Romanian translation for defending the alliance shares the same alliteration as in Aegis Ashore.


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Aegis Ashore Romania

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