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Q1: Can I space-a whenever I want?
A: Yes and No. Space-A is organized by categories on a first come first serve basis. There is a list of eligible passengers who are able to take Space-A flights. There is no "busy" or "non-busy" time to fly Space-a; every flight is not guarantee so it is an unreliable way to travel. The prices of Space-A flights vary: Free, $15-$35, or just a meal charge of $5. For eligible passengers and restrictions please visit:
Q2: Can I take a space-a flight to another country other than the U.S.?
A: Yes
Q3: As a civilian, can I space-a?
A: Yes, securing a flight seat is determined by status, category, and then first come first serve basis. For Space-A categories please visit:
Q4: Is there an MWR on base?
A: Yes.
Q5: What are the hours for the MWR?
A: The hours vary depending on the service.
Q6: Is there a Travel and Tourism Information (TTI) center?
A: Yes.
Q7: What are nearby cities or towns to travel to?
A: The closes towns include Rota, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlucar, Chipiona, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera. Seville is a large city approximately one and a half hours away.
Q8: Are there shopping malls nearby?
A: Yes. There are malls in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlucar and Jerez de la Frontera.
Q9: What are the European sizes for clothing compared to the US (shirt, pants, shoes…)?
A: Please visit for size chart:
Q10: How are the local beaches?
A: Clean and expansive.
Q11: Are there golf courses on base in local towns?
A: Naval Station Rota has an 18-hole championship golf course with a full service golf shop, practice areas, and Class A PGA professional that offers individual or group lessons. There are also several golf courses within 30 minutes of the base and well over 50 courses if you are willing to drive a little more than an hour. Including the famous 1997 Ryder Cup Valderrama golf club - but it is very expensive.
Q12: Is there command supported sports for the youth (basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball…)?
A: MWR operates an intramural sports program.
Q13:  Are there local sporting events to watch in Rota (bull fights, soccer, rugby…)?
A: The closest bull rings are 20 minutes away in the towns of El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, and Sanlucar. There is a lot of soccer (futbol) played throughout the area. Sevilla (1.5 hours away boasts to of the strongest teams in Spain that host Real Madrid and Barcelona.

  This information will be added soon.