Reporting for Duty

Lone SailorCongratulations on your assignment to KAUFFMAN. We would like to welcome you aboard. When you check aboard KAUFFMAN during normal working hours inport, you should be in the Dress Uniform of the day. If you report while the ship is underway, you should report to Transient Personnel Unit, located at 1683 Gilbert St, Bldg J-50, Norfolk, VA 23511-2794 (757) 445-9201.

You are required to have a full sea bag upon check-in to KAUFFMAN. Storage space is limited, but if extra storage is needed to store uniforms, you can store them in the Sea Bag locker located in the Master-at-arms shack. The underway uniform of the day onboard KAUFFMAN is clean coveralls with ball caps.

Once again, welcome aboard.

The following items are the minimum requirements to discuss, observe, or conduct within the first 72 hours of reporting for ALL personnel reporting to USS KAUFFMAN (FFG 59) for duty.

  • Greeted by the sponsor or designated Division representative.
  • Emergency Egress and EEBD training.
  • Phone family, if single and reporting from out of the area.
  • Conduct ship familiarization tour, discuss as a minimum the breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours, time and where divisional quarters are held.
  • Conduct a ship familiarization tour as necessary.
  • Division Officer & Division Chief Petty Officer interview.
  • Division Notebook entry and Reporting Retention Interview.
  • Review / Discuss the Chain of Command.
  • Update the recall bill and Page 2.
  • Fill out Travel Claim.
  • Provide a base familiarization tour.
  • Discuss the daily routine.
  • Discuss the leave and liberty policy.
  • Discuss personal standards, uniform policy.
  • Discuss watchbills / duty sections.
  • Review personal standards; qual paths, and goal dates.
  • Schedule CO / XO interview.

You will receive a command check-in sheet upon completion of the NEW ARRIVAL CHECK SHEET.

Arriving in Hampton Roads
The center of Hampton Roads lies about 90 miles southeast of Richmond. To the north are Washington, D.C. (185 miles), Baltimore (210 miles) and New York City (330 miles). Norfolk is about 18 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads Harbor. Norfolk serves as the nucleus for the metropolitan area of more than 1 million people.

Housing in the Norfolk Area
Housing is available through the Norfolk Navy Housing Welcome Center. Navy and Marine Corps personnel, married or single, assigned to a command in the Norfolk area can find housing that meets their needs quickly at the Navy Housing Welcome Center.

Household Goods
The consolidated personal property shipping office of the Fleet Industrial and Supply Center Norfolk has a full range of personnel services available for activities in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area.

Navy Exchange
The Navy Exchange operates a wide variety of business operations throughout the area, including the Navy Exchange Mall, the Navy Lodge and the Home Gallery for furniture and major appliances. For hours of operation for the Naval Station Norfolk Navy Exchange call (757) 440-2000. See the NEX Norfolk web page for details.

DeCA Naval Station Norfolk Commissary
Hours of operation are subject to change, for information call (757) 424-6070. See the Commissary’s web page for details.