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Ship ImageUSS KAUFFMAN is the 28th "long hull" - version in the OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class and she is one of the last frigates the Navy built in the 20th century.

Commissioned 28 February 1987, KAUFFMAN's mission is to escort and protect Carrier and Expeditionary Strike Groups. KAUFFMAN is one of only twelve Frigates with the enhanced MK 92 MOD 6 CORT Fire Control System which, when combined with the ship's two helicopters, 76mm gun, and state of the art anti-submarine warfare system, provides KAUFFMAN an effective offensive and defensive capability in today's multi-threat environment.

KAUFFMAN has a crew of approximately 250 personnel. This relatively small crew size results in a close knit team that relies heavily on the technical skills and leadership abilities of each and every Sailor while providing ample opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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KAUFFMAN always in the lead: Shipmates, Mission, Success.