CrestSHIELD: The shield is divided into navy blue, red and yellow, suggesting the shoreline of Guadalcanal and the Marines who were trapped there in September 1942. The three stars allude to the Naval Forces who volunteered to rescue the hard-pressed Marines. The gold star represents Coxswain Samuel B. Roberts, Jr., who was mortally wounded during this mission when his boat drew enemy fire away from the other boats embarking the Marines. The three stars also represent the three ships named for Samuel B. Roberts, Jr.; the gold star denotes the current ship.

CREST: The lion, a symbol of courage, signifies Samuel B Roberts' Spirit. The lion's red claws and tongue symbolize Samuel B Roberts' ultimate sacrifice for his comrades ; the blue collar bearing a cross pattee convexed indicates that Samuel B Roberts' died in battle and was awarded the Navy Cross for his gallant actions. The lion is grasping in his paws a blue torch, suggesting the passing on of Naval history. The lightning bolts represent the armament of this ship, and indicate the quick-strike capabilities of the modern warship.

MOTTO: Admiral Copeland, then LCDR, Commanding Officer of DE 413, concluded his report of the Battle of Samar, with these words; "In the face of this knowledge, the men zealously manned their stations wherever they might be, and fought and worked with such calmness, courage, and efficiency that no higher honor could be conceived than to command such a group of men."