CrestSHIELD: The lightning bolt breaking the metal prison bar symbolizes Admiral Simpson's quick attack to rescue Prisoners of War from Japanese concentration camps. This standard will guide the USS SIMPSON in striking for justice and against threats to our precious freedom. The Green Navy Cross with two stars against a rose red background symbolizes the decorations and awards presented to Admiral Simpson. The Navy Cross with gold star (in lieu of second award) for extraordinary actions taken against Japanese forces south of the Gilbert Islands while Commanding Officer of the USS MAHAN. The second award was for heroism during an engagement with enemy forces in Vella Gulf Solomon Islands. The other star on the cross represents the Silver Star awarded for "Gallantry and intrepidity during operations in the Bismark Archipelago," while serving as Commander, Destroyer Squadron TWELVE and Destroyer Division TWENTY THREE. The rose red background symbolizes the Legion of Merit Medal presented to Admiral Simpson for his daring rescue of over 7,500 Allied Prisoners of War and civilians interned in Japanese concentration camps. He earned this while serving as Commander, Task Flotilla SIX.

FALCON: Recognized as a swift and courageous hunter, the falcon characterizes the manner in which Admiral Simpson dispensed his duties during World War II as a defender of freedom. The falcon is also part of the Simpson family coat of arms.

PALM BRANCH: A symbol of peace. Combined with the Falcon, it symbolizes USS SIMPSON's determination to be a swift and courageous hunter while guarding the Constitution and the nation's freedom against all enemies.

MOTTO: "Attaquer en Vigueur" is French for attack with vigor. The Simpson family traces their heritage to France. SEAL The complete crest is emblazoned upon a white oval background enclosed by a dark blue border edged with gold rope. The two stars on the blue border indicate the two stars of the rank of Rear Admiral.