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USS SIMPSON (FFG 56) is a single screw, gas turbine powered, guided missile frigate (FFG) of the Oliver Hazard Perry class. The main propulsion system includes two General Electric LM2500 gas turbines driving a single controllable pitch propeller through a conventional main reduction gear, shaft and clutch.

The ship’s integrated combat system automates the interactions of sensors, tactical data process and display, and weapons so that reaction time is reduced to a minimum. The combat system includes an automatic digital data link which permits internship computer communication on a near real time basis. Digital computers also provide rapid evaluation of potential threats detected by the radars, sonar and other sensors. Should the need arise, rapid fire guns, anti-submarine torpedoes, or an embarked Light Airborne Multipurpose ASW System (LAMPS) helicopters can be employed to counter air, surface and subsurface threats.

                                            Principal Characteristics

Displacement: 4100 TONS

Aircraft: Two SH-60 LAMPS III Helicopters or Four Firescout ( MQ-8B) Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical (VTLT) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). 

Length: 453 Ft

Beam: 43 Ft

Draft: 26 Ft

Complement: 20 Officers

Propulsion:  Two General Electric LM2500 gas turbine engines

Total Shaft Horsepower: 40,000

Auxiliaries: Four 1000 kilowatt Ship’s Service Diesel Generators

Maximum Speed: 30+ Knots

Armament: OTO Melara MK75 three inch gun, PHALANX Anti-Air and Surface Close in Weapon System, two MK32 Triple torpedo tubes, two MK38 gun mounts

Sensors: SPS 49 Air Search Radar, SPS 55 Surface Search Radar, MK 92 Fire Control Radar, SQS 56 and SQR 19 Hull Mounted Sonar, SLQ 32

Command & Control: HF/UHF/VHF Communications Systems