Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your assignment to THE FINEST FRIGATE in the Fleet!  Don't take my word for it, here is what one of your prospective brothers in arms has to say about SIMPSON:

"Throughout your new ships commission, a long procession of exceptional Sailors have been forged by the experience, knowledge and camaraderie of crewmembers onboard our "Fighting 56."  At this instance you share part in an extraordinary journey and mission that continually commands your very finest work and optimum performance.  Our ship is a living organism that flourishes on diversity and determination, and it is in these attributes that divide a SIMPSON Sailor from every other Sailor in our Fleet.  You are no longer a regular United States Navy Sailor, you now share in the remarkable future of the USS SIMPSON and her crew.  Welcome aboard shipmate!"
- OS1(SW) Tomko

We look forward to your arrival.

CDR Kenneth Anderson
Commanding Officer