Ship ImageUSS HALYBURTON (FFG-40) is the thirty-fourth ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided missile frigates. Built by Todd Shipyard Corporation in Seattle, Washington, HALYBURTON is homeported in Mayport, Florida, and is assigned to Destroyer Squadron Fourteen. Surpassing 20 years of commissioned service, USS HALYBURTON continues to provide invaluable service to the fleet.

USS HALYBURTON is a multi-mission platform capable of performing a variety of roles ranging from convoy escort to air, surface and undersea warfare. HALYBURTON is capable of embarking two LAMPS MK III SEAHAWK helicopters, which enhance all warfare capabilities and are designed to meet today’s ever changing threats.

USS HALYBURTON utilizes two LM2500 gas turbine engines (the same engines as those installed in DC-10 aircraft) capable of sustaining speeds in excess of 28 knots and are controlled by state-of-the-art computers resulting in a “ready to go” status in less than 10 minutes.

The real heart of the ship’s fighting spirit is her crew. High technology systems demand skilled technicians and professional leadership. HALYBURTON can meet the 21st Century challenges of modern naval warfare with approximately half the crew as older warships.

Ship Characteristics

Keel Laid: September 26, 1980
Launched: October 13, 1981
Commissioned: January 7, 1984
Displacement: 3800 tons
Dimensions: Length, 453 feet; Beam 45 feet
Complement: 20 Officers; 215 Enlisted

Two General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbines
41,000 Total Shaft Horsepower
Two 325 Horsepower Electric Drive Auxiliary Propulsion Units
One Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller
Four 1,000 KW Ship’s Service Diesel Generators

Max Speed: 28+ Knots
Aircraft:: Two SH-60 LAMPS Helicopters

MK75 76MM Rapid Firing Gun
Two Triple Tube MK32 ASW Torpedo Mounts
MK15 MOD 1 Close-In-Weapon System (CIWS)

Combat System:

AN/SQS-56 Digital Sonar
AN/SPS-49 and SPS-55 Radars
AN/SLQ-32 Countermeasures Receiving Set
MK92 MOD 2 Fire Control System
Three UYK-7 Computers which integrate all weapons and sensors