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About Us

FARRAGUT’s mission is to be prepared to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea in support of national policy. The ship is designed to operate independently or as part of surface, expeditionary or aircraft carrier strike groups in extreme air, surface and undersea threat environments.

To accomplish this, FARRAGUT’s crew uses a variety of sensors to detect, classify and track hundreds of potential targets simultaneously in the air, on the surface and under the sea. To engage and destroy hostile targets, the ship is outfitted with the most lethal arsenal ever put to sea consisting of surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, torpedoes, 5” gun, and electronic decoys.

FARRAGUT’s Combat System is the most technologically advanced in the world, capable of projecting power both at sea and ashore with precise and lethal accuracy. A key component to the ship’s arsenal is the Aegis Weapon System. Aegis consists of a number of sub-systems that include the ship’s primary air radar, the AN/SPY1D, and the Standard Missile (SM). These two components, along with seven other fire control, command, decision, and training elements compose the most effective anti-air warfare system in the world. Capable of tracking hundreds of contacts simultaneously, Aegis can engage multiple threats at maximum range without any operator intervention. In addition to Aegis, FARRAGUT is outfitted with a single 5”/62 caliber gun mount able to accurately fire 16-20 rounds a minute to ranges in excess of 13 miles. The ship’s Sonar Suite is capable of detecting, tracking, identifying, and engaging multiple submerged threats independent from other non-related engagements being conducted by the rest of the Combat System.

All this firepower is useless though without the ability to take the fight to the enemy; therefore, FARRAGUT is powered and driven by the most sophisticated engineering plant afloat. At the touch of a button, all four of the ship’s General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbine Engines come to life, providing the ship with over 100,000 shaft horsepower. Three smaller, Allison 501-K34 Gas Turbine Generators provide the ship with enough electrical power to operate everything. The engineering plant incorporates a complex damage control system that uses automation and human operators to maintain a safe ship and manage damage control assets.

As a Flight IIA Aegis Destroyer, FARRAGUT has a helicopter hangar and the upgraded baseline 7.1 Aegis Combat System. The ship also has a missile capacity of 96 missiles, and possesses a stern sheet trim tab hydrostatically designed to allow FARRAGUT to travel at higher speeds with less engineering plant output.

Despite the state-of-the-art technology found aboard FARRAGUT, it is the ship’s crew that makes it the finest ship in the fleet. The men and women of FARRAGUT are highly trained, highly motivated professionals committed to excellence and devoted to serving their country.