Ship's Department

COMBAT SYSTEMS department is responsible for maintaining the aegis weapon system which is designed to support intense engagements in which the full simultaneous operational capability of the ship, including maximum firepower of all weapons, will be employed.

ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all propulsion, electrical, auxiliary, and damage control systems.

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT is responsible for the administrative paperwork of the command.

OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT is responsible for the operation of the Aegis Weapon System, which includes the detection, tracking, evaluation, and engagement of a target with the ship's weapons as well as significantly contributing to the safe navigation of the ship and preservation and maintenance of topside equipment.

SUPPLY DEPARTMENT is responsible for a multitude of diverse logistics areas including: crew messing and berthing, disbursing, mail services, laundry, ship's store, hazardous material management, parts requisition and stock, barber shop, and more.

WEAPONS DEPARTMENT is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and employment of Forrest Sherman's sensor and ordinance delivery systems in support of the Anti-Air, Anti-Surface, Subsurface, and Strike missions as well as providing detailed ship-wide instruction in Force Protection and small arms handling.