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Welcome Aboard

We realize checking into a new command is not always easy. NITZE's (pronounced Nits-ah) command sponsor program puts you in contact with an experienced Sailor to see you through your adjustment to this new command. Your sponsor can send you information and answer any questions you have about shipboard life. Our Command Sponsor Coordinator is responsible for ensuring communications are established between each new check-in and his/her sponsor. You may email the Sponsor Coordinator at If you have additional questions you may also email our Command Master Chief (CMC),, or Executive Officer (XO),  

Items You Will Need: 

The ship's underway uniform is coveralls and a NITZE ball cap.  You will be given a ball cap upon arrival, but will need at least three sets of coveralls along with a sufficient quantity of blue uniform t-shirts, socks and undergarments.  You should also bring physical fitness attire for use in the ship board gym, along with any toiletries and medications you may need.  NWUs are normally worn inport.  If you travel to us via commercial air, ensure that you pack your important documents and medical/dental records in your carry-on baggage in case your luggage is lost. 

Flying/Driving into Norfolk, Virginia: 

We will make every effort to meet you at the airport.  If we are unable to do so, you may take a relatively inexpensive taxi ride to the base (save your receipts).  If you drive, regardless of origin, you will approach Norfolk on Interstate 64. Follow the signs to Norfolk Naval Base on Interstate 564. Interstate 564 will turn into Taussig Blvd as you approach the base. Turn left at the third light, Hampton Blvd, and then turn right at the first light, Gate 5 (Surface Ships and Submarine Force).  You can obtain directions to our pier from the gate guard. 

Fleet and Family Support Center:

Well-trained active duty staff members provide accurate and timely information about services and resources for Navy families in the Hampton Roads area.  Please call (757) 444-NAVY (6289), or from the Peninsula, (757) 244-NAVY (6289).

Below are some of the services provided by the Fleet and Family Services Center:

  • Ombudsman Assistance:  COMM:  (757) 375-5431 or E-mail:
  • Child Care Information:  (866) 628-9232, Option 1
  • Relocation Assistance:  (757) 444-2102
  • Chaplain Assistance Pamphlets & Periodicals:  (757) 444-7361/7363
  • Navy Housing Welcome Center at the Personnel Support Mall:  (757) 445-2832.  
  • The Personal Property Shipping Office:  (877) 619-8596 or (757) 443-3700.
  • Exceptional Family Member Liaison:  (757) 953-7805