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The shield, reflecting the power of the Aegis Weapons System, is Navy blue and gold, the colors traditionally associated with the US Navy symbolizing the sea and excellence.

The Inverted star at the base of the shield recalls the Medal of Honor presented to Admiral Bulkeley by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for his dynamic forcefulness and daring during the defense of the Philippines.

The gold Laurel wreath represents honor and high achievement, the hallmarks of USS BULKELEY.

The red chevron, from the family coat of arms, is emblematic of the valor and sacrifice displayed by Admiral Bulkeley while leading a flotilla of PT boats and minesweepers along Utah Beach before assault troops stormed ashore at Normandy.

The lion alludes to the heritage of Normandy and embodies courage and strength.

Silver anchors flanking the lion reflect the devotion and commitment of US Navy Sailors ensuring the TORCH OF FREEDOM remains forever lit for future generations of Americans.

A WW II PT Boat surrounded by the Philippine sun serves to honor Admiral Bulkeley's role in the Pacific including his daring rescue of General MacArthur and President Quezon of the Philippines from Corregidor.