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Command Coat of ArmsSHIELD:  Blue and gold represent the Navy. The fret represents President Roosevelt's leadership skills in bringing stability and strength to American society during the crisis of the Depression and the threat of fascist aggression. His call to Americans for preparedness and confidence and his resolve during World War II are denoted by the sword, which also indicates DDG 80's readiness to deploy her modern weaponry in defense of the country. The demi-sun signifies truth and the aspirations for a better world, which President Roosevelt encouraged Americans to share with him. The orie signifies the unity he brought to the country and the all-encompasing areas of responsibility of his office, which he administered so ably. White represents integrity and loyalty, and gold denotes excellence.

CREST:  The demi-burst signifies the splendid achievement of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidency, in bringing the United States out of domestic crisis and through worldwide conflict. The ship's wheel recalls his appointment in 1913 as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. It also denotes his success in guiding America through the difficult years of his Presidential terms. The lozenge, traditionally a feminine heraldic symbol, is a reference to his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, who assisted him politically and became a force in her own right. The sides of the lozenge represent his four elections to the presidency. The rose, the state flower of New York, recalls his governorship of that state and is a canting reference to his family name. Scarlet denotes courage and sacrifice and gold indicates excellence.

SEAL:  The coat of arms in full color, as in the blazon, upon a white oval, within a dark blue border, edged with gold rope on the outside and inscribed "USS ROOSEVELT" at the top and "DDG 80" at the bottom all in gold.