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If you have orders to the USS Porter and need a sponsor, please send an email to the Command Master Chief (CMC) at

Include the following information in your email:

  • Do NOT include your SSN in any correspondence.
  • Today's Date
  • Name
  • Rate and Rank
  • Current duty station and UIC (Unit Identification Code)
  • PRD (Projected Rotation Date)
  • EAOS (End of Active Obligated Service)
  • All current NECs (Navy Enlisted Classifications)
  • Warfare designators (SW/AW/FMF/SS/etc)
  • Email addresses (current military and personal)
  • Phone numbers (current duty station and home/mobile/cell)
  • Dependent status. If you have dependents, this will aid in assigning an appropriate sponsor.
  • A brief description of what you have been doing in your Navy career and what you hope to accomplish here on the Porter.

If you don't already have a sponsor -- the CMC will ensure you are assigned one. Once you have a sponsor, make contact with him or her often to advise them of what your travel plans are, and about any difficulties you may be having. Your sponsor can make special arrangements for you if necessary -- but communicating with your sponsor is the key. Make sure you pass along your flight arrangements, and notify your sponsor of any changes.