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Our Mission

Ship Image

DONALD COOK is a multi-mission destroyer.  It is designed to destroy enemy aircraft, missiles, submarines and surface ships in order to prohibit the employment of such forces against U.S. Forces and to carry out offensive actions against the enemy through the employment of long range anti-shipping missiles, land attack missiles and naval gunfire.

In order to carry out its mission, DONALD COOK is equipped with the most advanced Naval weapons systems in the world.  AEGIS, a computerized, quick reaction air defense system, provides extraordinary capabilities against attacking aircraft and missiles.  The heart of the AEGIS system is the SPY radar that automatically detects and tracks virtually everything that is flying.  DONALD COOK also has the most advanced underwater surveillance system available today.

Our antisubmarine warfare equipment consists of a hull-mounted sonar, an acoustic array sonar which is towed like a tail behind a ship and the capability to land helicopters that can fly out to locate ships or submarines over 100 miles away.  DONALD COOK's vertical launching system can launch both long-range surface-to-surface Tomahawk cruise missiles and the Standard surface-to-air missile.  The 5 inch gun mount is used against threatening ships and boats or to bombard shore targets.

Propelled by powerful, quick response gas turbine (jet) engines to speeds in excess of 30 knots, DONALD COOK is a formidable warship and represents the technology, craftsmanship and spirit of the American people.