Mail and Care-Package

Mail Call

Our mail address is actually a NY address. When you try to send Postal Service Express Mail (next day service) to the ship. It is actually provided next day service to NY and signed for in NY. From that point it is mixed with normal mail. So it still may take time to get to you. Keep that in mind. Sometimes if you need something within 1 or 2 days that is really important the husbanding agent may be able to come up with a address he has so that you can receive something FedEx. That usually is on a case by case basis, usually has to be pretty important, and be cleared through the Supply Officer first. It is his call.

Also I am including the ship's address for any of you that might need it. Please be sure to have your correspondents, bill collectors, etc. also include your division on your mail. I know some bill collectors are funny about finding placement for your division. I am not picky. Just so it is there. They can put it in the BLDG or Apt. spot if they like. The point is that it is there. Also the AE part is sometimes called Armed Forces Europe. Ask them to check that if they are having trouble with AE working. Proper addressing is imperative for a timely delivery and a timely mail call. The correct address format for receiving mail onboard is as follows:


FPO AE 09566-1294