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Quarterdeck Phone Number

How to communicate with your Sailor:

Most Sailors onboard GONZALEZ use first name.last name followed by


Note.  Due to Sailors having similar names there is a chance of this not applying to all.

You can also contact the ship via email by contacting the Command Master Chief at

To send mail to a USS GONZALEZ Sailor via the united States Postal Service, you need to know the Sailors rank/rate, full name and division. Use the rank/rate and full name as the first line of the address, the division as the second line followed by the ship’s name and FPO address.  EXAMPLE: NAME: JOE SMITH, RATE SM2 (SIGNALMAN SECOND CLASS) ON DIVISION

Mailing Address: SM2 Joe Smith
DEPT / Division
Unit 100306 Box 1
FPO, AE 09570-1284


Discussions regarding the ship’s operational capabilities, location/portcalls, schedule and mission SHALL NOT be included in email, or any phone transmission such as land phones, cell phones or Sailor phones.


Fleet and Family Support Centers, (FFSC) formerly known as Family Service Centers, provide an array of services to military personnel and their families. Services include counseling, financial workshops, career development, relocation assistance and spouse employment assistance.

Contact your local Fleet & Family Support Center for times and locations of programs you are interested in.

Naval Station, Norfolk 444-2102
Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek 462-7563
Naval Air Station, Oceana 433-2912
Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth 396-1255
Naval Training Center, Dam Neck 492-7150
Newport News Office 688-6289
Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown 887-4606
Naval Support Activity, Norfolk, Northwest Annex 421-8770
24 hour referral information 444-NAVY


TRICARE   1-800-931-9501

TRICARE is the health care plan for Sailors and their family members.

There are three options for health care of the Sailor’s family; Prime, Extra and Standard. All active duty Sailors are covered under TRICARE Prime. Family members may choose the option that best meets their needs; taking health status, preference of providers, where they are located and individual health care needs into consideration.

TRICARE Prime offers the lowest cost, assigns a Primary Care Manager (PCM) to provide and oversee individual health care needs.

TRICARE Extra offers a choice of civilian physicians and specialist while reducing health care costs. Physicians must be selected from the Extra ‘network’ of providers.

TRICARE Standard offers the greatest flexibility in health care physicians, but may be the most expensive choice.


Visit a TRICARE Service Center to obtain additional information to assist you with making the health care choice that best meets the needs of your individual family members.


Health Benefits Advisors (HBA) are individuals able to answer questions about TRICARE benefits and are available at the following locations.

Boone Medical Clinic, Naval Amphibious Base,Little Creek 314-7347/45
Langley Air Force Base 764-8225/26
Army Community Hospital, Fort Eustis 314-7855
Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth 953-2610/11

Oceana Branch Medical Clinic, Naval Air Station, Oceana



The TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan is contracted dental insurance program for family members that allows enrolled spouses, children and wards of the active member to obtain dental care from civilian dentists.

Eligibility requires that the Sailor enroll the family members in the plan, the family members must receive care within CONUS, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, or Canada and must be enrolled in DEERS at the time of the dental treatment.

General categories of benefits included in the plan are: Diagnostic, Preventative and Emergent Care, Restorative Care, Endodontics, Peridontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

It is imperative to check with your health care provider or a TRICARE health benefits advisor (HBA) on the limits or restrictions of care and the percentage of allowable coverage prior to contracting for specific treatment.


The Navy Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is designed to address prevention, identification, reporting, intervention, treatment and follow up of child and spouse maltreatment. FAP strives to balance the need to protect the rights of the victims and the rights of the offenders as well.

The Navy’s comprehensive response to family violence is designed to prevent or stop violence and minimize the impact on the family and the Navy.  A team of medical, legal, investigative, social service professionals and command representatives work together to identify an appropriate response to cases of abuse.

Family advocacy cases are monitored to ensure the victim is safe and the offender is receiving appropriate treatment.

Families may obtain assistance by contacting a military hospital, FFSC or the nearest Navy installation health care clinic. Long deployments, frequent moves, and mission readiness demands impose many stresses on military families, often leading to marital and parent child conflict. Concern for the welfare of Navy families and the effects of family violence on military performance prompted the establishment of FAP in 1976.

The five primary goals of FAP are: Prevention of family violence
Victim safety and protection
Offender accountability
Rehabilitative education and counseling
Command intervention
Victim Advocacy Program

Victim Advocacy Specialists provide advocacy and supportive services to victims of domestic violence and provide educational awareness at the community level.

Victim Advocates support individuals by providing:
Direct services — immediate support to victims including safety assessment; evaluation of needs; information; rights; transportation to shelters, medical, legal, and support appointments; accompaniment to investigation interviews and court appearances
Case coordination — consultation with a FAP Case Manager on the appropriate plan for assistance/intervention, provide for safety; tracking and communication to case managers, referrals and outcomes; provide information to the Case Review Committee (CRC) Victim advocacy


Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) is a private, nonprofit organization, staffed primarily with volunteers, founded to provide financial assistance for short-term emergencies. Assistance is available to active duty and retired service members, their families and survivors.

NMCRS generally provides interest-free loans and grants to assist with: emergency Travel, Food, Rent/Mortgage and Utilities, Medical/Dental (patient’s share), Disaster relief Assistance, Funeral Expenses, Essential Vehicle and Home Repairs.

NMCRS offers additional services; such as finacial education, basic budget counseling and budgeting for new parents. NMCRS visiting nurses will come to your home, if referred by your physician, to provide physician directed follow-up treatment.

The Hampton Roads main office is located in Norfolk, with 6 additional branches available at bases in the area. For the hours of operation, locations or to schedule an appointment call the Hampton Roads main office at 757-423-8830.


The USS GONZALEZ has a NMCRS point of contact onboard, contact them through your chain of command.

American Red Cross

American  Red Cross (ARC) is one of the most well-known assistance organizations in the country. There has been a long-standing agreement of support between the Armed Forces and the ARC.

Until recent years, verification from the ARC was required by the Navy for authorization of emergency leave. While no longer mandatory, the Commanding Officer may request the verification when considering emergency leave authorization.


Family members will need the Sailor’s full name, rank/rate, command, division, social security number, name of the physician or facility involved in the treatment or handling of the emergent circumstances.

Immediate family members (residing in the Sailor’s residence) should contact the ARC for assistance via a toll free number; 1-877-272-7337. For all other family members, the ARC office located closest to the emergency would be contacted for assistance in notification and verification.  Family members will find the appropriate ARC office number in their local area phonebook.

Family members are encouraged to contact the Command Ombudsman for assistance and clarification, as needed.


Navy Chaplains serve all sailors and their families, not just those belonging to a specific religious denomination.

Chaplains are authorized representatives of a large range of religious faith groups, ethnic and racial backgrounds.


They conduct worship services, administer the rites and sacraments of their respective faith, officiate at special ceremonies and serve as educators, offering religious instruction to all that are interested. Chaplains offer programs that encourage personal spiritual growth and stimulate camaraderie.

Chaplains are available to provide pastoral counseling to all who ask for assistance related to marital issues, personal conflict, family conflict personal growth and adjustment issues. The Chaplain can be a great source of comfort and assistance when called upon for support.

Chaplains maintain close liaison with the helping agencies in the Navy and in the civilian community.


The Chaplain assigned to the Commander Carrier Strike Group, which we are a part of will support the sailors and families of the USS GONZALEZ.


In the Hampton roads area a Chaplain is available to assist Sailors and their families 24 hours a day through the Naval Station. 


Being the child of an active duty Sailor can be difficult at times, but it can also be filled with unique, wonderful experiences! It is what you make of it for your military child. There are many ways to make life as a military child, the experience of a lifetime.

Key elements to the success of a military child are socialization and support coupled with endless love and encouragement.

Helping your child develop good socialization skills and encouraging them to be involved in activities in their school and community expands their support base while helping their coping skills.

The network of friends and associates you develop with the other parents and leaders in the various activities can serve as a great support for you and your children during deployments and underway periods. School, Church, Scouts, Sports and civic activities are all wonderful ways for your child to carve their personal niche, while developing a wonderful supportive network. Spouses at the Command, the family Support group (FSG), Chaplains office and FFSC are great places to get information and share ideas.

Parenting courses, activities at the command, military and community activities are all great ways to get and stay involved with your child. Make the military experience a wonderful childhood memory.


Naval Legal Service Offices offer an array of services to the Active Duty Sailor and their family members with ID cards at no charge. The Naval Legal Services Office, Mid-Atlantic is located at Naval Station Norfolk with satellite offices at each military facility within the region.

Active Duty Sailors and family memvers with ID cards can have Wills and Powers of Attorney (POA) prepared. Documents can be notarized. Powers of attorney and Notarization are provided on a walk-in basis, no appointment s necessary.

Legal advice is provided in all areas of domestic relations. Attorneys will draft marital separation agreements for E-5s and below or their spouse, as well as review and advice on existing paperwork.

Advice and assistance on indebtedness, including correspondence and negotiations with creditors or lawyers on the Sailor’s behalf, are provided. Assistance is provided regarding the provisions and protections of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil relief Act as well.

Landlord-tenant issues, including the review of personal residential leases, communications and correspondence on behalf of the sailor are also provided. 

Legal Services will prepare documentation for step-parent adoptions ONLY and name changes where both biological parents consent to the action.

Topics such as real estate, bankruptcy, acknowledgement of paternity, contracts, consumer affairs, insurance, immigration, naturalization and many other legal matters can be addressed.

Advice and assistance are provided on Civil Suits. Although in-court representation is limited, procedures and requirements of local courts will be explained. Advice regarding minor (misdemeanor) criminal matters and traffic offenses within the jurisdiction of the civilian courts is provided. Serious criminal matters are not within the scope of legal assistance and are referred to appropriate counsel.

Legal assistance attorneys are prohibited from: Advising opposing parties on the same issue, providing advice on personal business matters or providing advice over the telephone and providing advice on issues or interests in conflict with or opposed to the interests of the United States.

For additional information contact the Legal Assistance Office: Mid-Atlantic at 757-444-4496/97/98. Call 757-444-8338 to schedule an appointment. The Legal Assistance Office at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek can be reached at 757-462-7224/7332. 



The Navy recognizes that frequent relocation associated with military lifestyle creates tremendous career challenges for military spouses. The SEAP program addresses those challenges in workshops, one-on-one career counseling, and self-help resources making available current information about local labor market trends and opportunities that can assist with finding rewarding employment.

With over 55% of today’s military spouses working, FFSC employment assistance is a valuable resource.

Each FFSC has a Career Development Resource Center (CDRCs) to assist spouses, family members, and transitioning military personnel in finding employment.

Overview of Services: º Employment-related workshops such as Interview Techniques and Resume Writing
  º One-on-one counseling for employment, career and transition concerns
  º Current job listings — access to computerized job databases and printed job listings.
  º Job Network groups.
  º Electronic posting of resumes to job vacancy bulletin boards
  º Mock interviews
  º Resume critiques
  º Internet access and numerous employment resources
  º State-of-the-art technology
  º Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)
— co-located at the Norfolk and Little Creek sites, offering access to the VEC’s computerized job bank

A Valuable Benefit

Commercial employment services equal to those provided by FFSC cost thousands of dollars per person.

Employment experts at FFSC teach valuable job search skills which are essential throughout military and civilian careers.