Welcome Aboard





Congratulations on your assignment to USS CARNEY and welcome to the CARNEY NATION! If the ship is not inport on the day you arrive in Mayport, Florida, report to the Naval Station Mayport Quarter Deck or Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Mayport. They will coordinate your transportation to the ship.

Ship's Mailing Address:
UNIT 100302 BOX 1

FPO AE 09582-0200

Phone Numbers:
(757) 443-8625 at Sea
(904) 270-7990 Inport

The CARNEY'S command sponsor coordinator an be reached at

The CARNEY'S Command Ombudsman can be reached at

The CARNEY'S Family Readiness Group (FRG) would like to welcome you and your family to ours. The FRG President can be reached at

If you or your family are flying into Jacksonville, please let your sponsor know, and he/she will arrange to meet you if CARNEY is inport. To get to Naval Station Mayport from the airport, take I-95 South to HWY 9A, then head east towards the beaches. Take the Atlantic Blvd exit off HWY 9A and continue east for approximately 10 miles. Take the flyover onto Mayport Rd, and follow the signs to the Naval Base. It is about a $45 cab ride (SAVE YOUR RECEIPT).

We encourage you to take the following actions to ensure a smooth transition to the CARNEY:

  1. Ensure your PAGE 2 (Record of Emergency Data) is current and your family members are enrolled in DEERS.
  2. If married, consider a Power of Attorney to allow your spouse to conduct business on your behalf while underway or deployed.
  3. If you require temporary lodging in the Mayport area, contact the Navy Lodge at 1-800-NAVY-INN or you can make BEQ reservations in Mayport by calling (904) 270-5423.
  4. If you have dependants who are not enrolled in TRICARE, contact your nearest Medical Treatment Facility and speak with a TRICARE representative or dial 1-800-931-9501. The representative can provide you with the information and tools for selecting the best TRICARE Coverage Plan for you family.
  5. The Mayport Housing Office can be contacted at (904) 270-5738. Visit the Housing Office website: (click on ONE STOP). This is an outstanding website, which provides pertinent information about the Jacksonville area to include civilian and base housing. We highly recommend you and your family members visit this site and use its wealth of resources.
  6. Download a copy of the Naval Station Mayport welcome aboard package HERE.