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Coat of Arms

LABOON CrestThe ship's coat of arms is highly symbolic of the ship's namesake John Francis Laboon, Jr., S.J. and his heroism, loyalty, and devotion.

The shield in navy blue and gold, represents the sea and excellence highlighting Chaplain Laboon's dedicated Naval service. The color white signifies integrity and purity of purpose. The quartered shield suggests a cross reflecting the Chaplain's mission. The upright trident symbolizes sea prowess and highlights the ship's vertical launch capabilities with the three tines representing Anti-Submarine, Anti-Air, and Anti-Surface Warfare. The trident, with its bottom spike pointing at the ocean depths also represents Chaplain Laboon's sea service as a submariner both as a line officer and chaplain. The foundation of the crest is a life preserver which symbolizes Chaplain Laboon's heroic rescue of the downed fighter pilot. The preserver's straps, which are red, reflect courage and sacrifice and denote his service with the Marines in Vietnam. The star commemorates the Chaplain's Silver Star and also represents his five successful submarine combat patrols. The wreath of laurel is emblematic of honor and accomplishment.

Laboon's motto, "Without Fear" is emblazoned in white on a red scroll underneath the shield. Just as Captain John Francis Laboon showed no fear in rescuing the downed aviator, Laboon meets all the challenges, milestones, and obstacles.