"Seize the Day!"

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Welcome to the cyber homeport of the finest destroyer in the fleet! MITSCHER is the seventh ship of the ARLEIGH BURKE Class of Aegis guided missile destroyers (DDGs).   Named after one of the most storied and capable heroes of World War II, Admiral Marc Andrew Mitscher, this vessel lives up to her namesake’s legend.  Proven in operations around the world, MITSCHER is always standing by to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea.  As an integral part of aircraft carrier battle groups, amphibious assault groups, maritime interdiction forces, and joint multinational forces, she is prepared to execute missions in a high-density, multi-threat environment - whether that environment is the deep blue oceans or the shallow littorals.  She is the ultimate battle platform, offering commanders the luxury of simultaneously defeating hostile surface ships, submarines, and aircraft, while delivering long-range offensive land attacks.  With the most advanced weapon, propulsion, and communication systems - operated by the most professional and highly trained crew - MITSCHER is one of our nation’s finest military assets and is always ready to “SEIZE THE DAY!”

The ARLEIGH BURKE class represents a culmination of technological advances that have improved the capability of modern destroyers.  Designed for survivability, the DDG 51 class incorporates all-steel construction and many damage control features resulting from lessons learned during the Falkland Islands War and from the accidental  attack on USS STARK.  As common with most modern U.S. surface combatants, the DDG 51 class utilizes gas turbine propulsion.  Like the larger TICONDEROGA class cruisers, the DDG 51 class combat system centers around the Aegis Combat System and the SPY-1D, multi-function, phased array radar.  Combining Aegis, the Vertical Launching System, an advanced anti-submarine warfare system, advanced anti-aircraft missiles, Tomahawk land attack missiles, and unique survivability features, the ARLEIGH BURKE class of guided missile destroyers continues the revolution at sea.

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