Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much room will I have for my stuff?

   A: You will have a main locker and a narrow stand-up locker to hang your uniforms. This will provide enough room for your uniforms, civilian clothes, shoes and a few personal items like books or CD's.

Q: What uniforms should I bring?

   A: You should report with a complete seabag. Additionally, while the ship is deployed, you should have at least three pairs of coveralls and one pair of steel-toed boots.

Q: Should I wear my blues or whites?

   A: The Dress Blue uniform is always authorized for travel and for reporting to a new command (except when otherwise noted in your orders). The Hampton Roads Area changes to whites in the second week of April and to blues in the second week of October.

Q: Where do I report if the ship is underway?

   A: Transient Personnel Unit, Norfolk. (757) 444-1640

Q: I have a family and am curious about the housing situation in the Norfolk area.

   A: There are waiting lists and various guidelines for the available military housing areas. Some of this information should be provided in your "Welcome Aboard Package" but for further information, you can contact the Hampton Roads Regional Family Housing at (757) 445-2832, or 1-800-628-7510. Or visit Norfolk Navy Family Housing.

Q: I have a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV). Is there a place provided for storage?

   A: Yes. The MWR "Long Term Storage" near the Pass Office, outside Gate 5, will store privately owned vehicles for ship's company during deployment.

Q: I'm due to arrive at a certain date, but a family emergency has occurred. Is it possible to change the ticket I received from SATO and is there anything else I must do?

   A: Contact SATO at 1-800-999-9000 to change your ticket. Then call the ship at (757) 644-6027, if the ship is not in port, call Transient Personnel Unit, Norfolk (757) 444-1640 identifying your situation.