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The Shield:

Red, white, and blue are our nation's colors. The field of bars was adapted from the Barry coat of arms in reference to Captain John Barry in which this ship is named.The Stars represent the 4 battle stars awarded to the second USS Barry in WWII and represents all four ships to bear the name Barry. The Wavy Pile represents the US Navy Fleet in which Captain Barry held its first commisionThe Lion represents courage and strength. Gold stands for excellence; red, and white for courage and integrity respectfully.

The Crest:

The frigate United States symbolizes the unbroken tradtion of patriotism, valor, fidelity, and ability from our Nations beginning to the present, and represents the maritime imperative of our country. It also honors the heritage of the 3 previous ships to bear the name Barry. The stars and bars together symbolize the United States and refer further to Captain Barry's ship of that name.