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Hurricane Preparedness

In the event of a hurricane ARLEIGH BURKE will probably head to sea. If an evacuation of the Hampton Roads area is recommended, all ARLEIGH BURKE Sailors and / or their families will be required to muster on line at Navy Family.  This lets the Department of the Navy know the whereabouts of us and our families in the event of an emergency. This site also offers help to those in need. We want to ensure that all of our families are safe.

The best way to do that is to be prepared BEFORE a hurricane hits. All ARLEIGH BURKE Sailors should: Get a kit for your family to use in case of an emergency Make a plan so you know what to do in the event of a storm Stay informed to know what threats you face The best defense against the danger and destruction caused by hurricanes is to be prepared and stay informed.

For more information about how to prepare for hurricanes or other threats, visit, your comprehensive resource for emergency preparedness in Virginia. For more information on evacuations, visit, Virginiadot.