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Deployment 2012
Crew Photos
CPO Pinning Photos
Construction Photos
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Box in the Mast.jpgThumbnail
Box in the Mast
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CO DDG109 Climbing From Mast.jpgThumbnail
CO DDG109 Climbing From Mast
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CO Welding in Mast.jpgThumbnail
CO Welding in Mast
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Inside View of Mast.jpgThumbnail
Inside View of Mast
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Items For Mast Stepping.jpgThumbnail
Items For Mast Stepping
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Jason Dunham Coins.jpgThumbnail
Jason Dunham Coins
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Mast Stepping Ceremony 134.jpgThumbnail
Mast Stepping Ceremony 134
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Mast Stepping Ceremony July 2009.jpgThumbnail
Mast Stepping Ceremony July 2009
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Mr and Mrs Dunham.jpgThumbnail
Mr and Mrs Dunham
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Preparation for Placement of Items in Mast.jpgThumbnail
Preparation for Placement of Items in Mast
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