Welcome Aboard Commander Amphibious Squadron Four
You have just received your orders to COMPHIBRON 4 and we are looking forward to you joining our team! You’ll be pleased to know that you are about to join a team of professionals whose mission is to support and provide amphibious operations wherever and whenever our nation needs us.

Whether this is your first command or a return to sea, we know you’re excited, but before you check onboard, please make sure you have read your orders in its entirety to ensure a smooth transition from your command. To help with your transition, a command sponsor will be assigned to guide and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. If a sponsor has not been assigned to you, please contact the Command Sponsor coordinator at If you have any questions that your Sponsor cannot answer, please call our Admin Office, or by contacting YNC Lakeisha Reid at You may also contact the Senior Enlisted Advisor at  You will find CPR4 both challenging and professionally rewarding. Again, congratulations and welcome aboard!

We are currently working out of the ESG2 building at Joint Expedtionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story, Virginia.

Admin Office: (757)-462-8887