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Amphibious Transport Dock, Austin Class

The Austin Class amphibious transport dock ship is 570 feet long with a beam of 84 feet, its full load displacement is 17,000 tons of American steel.  Armed with two 25mm MK 38 gun mounts, two Phalanx close-in weapons system mounts, and eight .50 caliber machine gun mounts.  With a crew of 24 officers, 396 enlisted along with an embarked Marine detachment of 900 is designed to provide substantial amphibious lift power for Marines, their vehicles and cargo.  Additionally, the ship serves as the secondary aviation platform for the amphibious ready group.  It has two primary and four expanded helicopter spots with the capacity to carry six helicopters (CH-46 equivalents).  The welldeck will support one LCAC or LCU.  In addition, it has limited medical facilities but can serve as a casualty receiving and treatment ship when augmented.