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The mission of Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) 4 is to prepare plans, support embarked amphibious forces, conduct rehearsals, render humanitarian assistance/ disaster relief and perform assaults upon hostile shores in support of national policy during low intensity conflicts and as a component of an integrated battle force during major conflicts. PHIBRON 4 has the capability to land troops and equipment by air and sea simultaneously, and to support troops in the field with fixed and rotary wing attack aircraft. The Commander, Amphibious Squadron 4 with his staff is charged with the responsibilities of planning and executing amphibious operations and deployments with a reinforced Marine Battalion.

PHIBRON 4 recently deployed with 2200 members of 26 Marine Expeditionary Unit plus the equipment and supplies to keep it fighting. Amphibious Squadron 4 staff is augmented by detachments from a Tactical Air Control Squadron 21, Fleet Surgical Team 6 and Beach Master Unit 2 when deployed. Additionally PHIBRON 4 can serve as Naval Forces Commander in Joint Task Force Operations. Secondary missions include maritime security, rescuing distressed mariners, evacuation of non combatant Americans from dangers abroad, providing humanitarian assistance, and showing a credible U.S. military presence whenever required.

In fulfilling these vital missions the squadron continues to contribute to America’s policy of maintaining peace and preserving freedom worldwide by maintaining a ready peacetime presence in areas of vital interest to the security of the U. S. and our allies. PHIBRON 4 has, for the past four decades, been “Ready to Land.” Amphibious Squadron 4 is currently executing a deployment to 5th and 6th Fleet theaters. We are focused on reassuring regional partners and building security and stability. PHIBRON 4 presence deters destabilizing activities while safeguarding regional vital links to the global economy.